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 [So people in Betterfield, you may have been wondering where a certain Personagonist has been. Or maybe you weren't, whatever we're still going to tell you.

Well, when someone asks Minato to do something, he does the job. And he does it good. No matter how painful or how long it will take.

And after a few months, it's...]

Phew. There, finished.

[He looks up, feeling exhausted but for once being damn proud of his work.

Yes, he built a castle.

Yes, he built a MOTHERFUCKING castle. Using the power of imagination. It took two months, but he did it. (How do you like that, Tohsaka?)]

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Who: Luke Skywalker and Hal Jordan
What: Luke's gotten his X-wing back and it now has fuel! Watch how it suddenly becomes a fanboy magnet.
Where: Some stretch of empty land somewhere away from too many people but close enough to the town to possibly attract attention. Those engines are loud!
When: Midday-ish.
Warnings: Fanboying and fighter pilot shenanigans.

[The engines whir to life, picking up dust and making quite a racket. Luke shouts in success and he hops out of the cockpit, climbing out onto a wing to close up the compartment he'd been working in. It's been so long since he's actually flown this bird that the sound makes his heart race and he's grinning from ear to ear.

The ship is docked close enough to town that it would be very easily heard by passers by.]
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[If one were wandering near the control bunker today, they'd encounter Rin. She's bundled up in one of the winter coats over her Asymmetry outfit, and it seems she's set up a little party for herself. There's paper decorations, a table, and most importantly... a seriously huge cake! Her dog is at her feet, also enjoying some special treats. She figures he was a Len in the PV, so it's his birthday too. And best of all, if you are her friend, you were definitely invited! The cake is for sharing.

... Of course, the party's proximity to the bunker might suggest that she is desperately hoping for unexpected guests to arrive as well. Her last birthday has not gone forgotten.

While she's still alone, though, she sings a little song.]

♫ Happy birthday to Rin~
Happy birthday to Len~
Happy birthday to Len-len~ ♫

[-she scratches the dog's ears-]

♫ Let's be happy today~ ♫
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Who: Everyone
What:: Mayfield's first non-horrible Christmas?
Where: All over new Mayfield
When: Christmas Eve through Christmas
Warnings: idk

[It's Christmastime. Regardless of how far the town has progressed, don't you think it's time to spend the holidays with your friends and "family"?

ooc: Use this thread for all holiday sheningans!]
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[ The Diner, the week before Christmas. ]

[ Ilsa has been keeping the diner going with daily specials suggested or requested by others. She has been living in the office, so even if the kitchen is not officially open, she is there, and available to cook a meal or offer an ear for problems. ]

[ She still has not installed a cash register, and from the looks of the dining room, there are no plans to include it. In place of the cashier's station, there is a message station. The wall has a map of the town, with notes pinned to it, letting people know where they are to their friends. Near the top of the map are some suggested names for the town. "Annieston" is the one in Ilsa's handwriting. ]

[ Around the map are lists for people to meet up as needed for projects. There are lists of plumbers, electricians, engineers, cooks... and religious officiants. ]

[ The larger area of wall has been painted with chalkboard paint. Ilsa has written a request for everyone to list their favorite dishes for their winter holidays. She is also taking suggestions for a day and time for the town feast day. ]

[[ OOC: Name a day and time, Ilsa is probably there. I will be responding in the evenings this weekend. ]]
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[Action 1: Park - Open to all]

OK. Time to see how you lot fare.

[There's a treasure chest on the ground. In it, are a bunch of red Ranger keys. Nearly 40 in all. There's also some targets set up, far away from the trees. Marvelous has no intention of using potential food sources as targets.

Stop by and watch/talk/spar if you wish. Just don't go near that chest. It might turn bad for you if he doesn't know you well.]

[Action 2: The sky/outskirts of town - Open to all; Interior of Gokai-Oh locked to Ako]

[The Galleon is flying over the town, Marvelous perched on the bow, a makeshift megaphone of his own sloppy design in his hand. He wants to make an announcement to all that can hear, so he'll repeat it several times before reaching his destination.]

OK everyone. This is Captain Marvelous. I'm about to conduct an experiment outside of town. So...don't get shocked by anything you're about to see, ok?

[So, he'll continue to the outskirts of town. For those that are watching him, will eventually see 4 smaller craft come out of the top of the Galleon, and quickly form a gigantic robot...pirate-themed of course. Come yell at him or be amazed.]
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[Action 1: Just another lovely day here in this new town, don’t you think? Birds singing, sun shining, grown man wheezing loudly and pleading for mercy as he jogs with an android on his heels.

Now that things have calmed down, Quinn’s finally hoping to quit that 10-year-long smoking habit of his and maybe try to get in some semblance of shape that isn’t “stick-thin”. He’s managed to cut down significantly on his cigs, but he’s not out of the woods yet.

Maybe asking Dakki was the problem. It started off tame enough, some basic exercises and short jogs. But seeing she had a lot of work ahead of her, Dakki kicked it up a few notches and already has Quinn jogging for a few miles a day.

“Jogging” is a loose term though. Quinn sure looks like he’s jogging the way he’s moving, except he can only seem to move like three miles an hour. HE’S TRYING.]

A-Are we... almost... there....?

Almost! A little less than a mile, and you’re home! Don’t stop now, and don’t forget to breathe. Breathe!

[WHEEZE, WHEEZE. It shouldn't be hard to keep up if you cared to join/talk/harass/help.]


[Action B: Later, at their destination in Quinn’s house’s yard, you’ll find the two of them there - Dakki looks concerned for Quinn, who’s just lying in the grass, a sweating pile of patheticness.]

Just leave me here to die. It’s okay. I’m ready, Lord.

Isn’t that a bit overdramatic? A good, hot bath, and you’ll be fine. I’m sure. I’ve seen much worse runners make it through the GUARDIANS academy....

[[OOC - We'll post an order once someone tags in!]]

01 ✖

Dec. 12th, 2012 02:38 pm
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[A. There's a small girl on the out skirts of the forest making a makeshift fence made out of some branches and sticks around a patch of sand. She seems very proud of herself until while carrying a heavier branch she trips and falls on it.]


[Don't worry she's fine....maybe?]

[B. There's a small girl wondering around the half finished hospital with a big gash on her tiny arm. Sadly she's used to sights like this.]

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[A. Ukraine is pleased with how the house is turning out. It's actually starting to look like a home now. She's currently inside knitting. It's going to be winter soon after all.

B. At your door. Who? Anyone, she's going visiting people and trying to figure out where everyone she knows is. So she's just knocking on peoples doors. Ignore the pitchfork, she carries that around with her.

C. Lithuania! Ukraine is visiting you. When Koharu isn't home, this is just great right? She's knocking on the door. And just casually leaning on her pitchfork. But she's been carrying that around everywhere with her recently, so there's nothing to worry about right?]
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[Action 1: Outskirts, forest]

[If anyone ventures into the outskirts of town today, where the urban development starts to turn into forest, you may see some white flowers scattered here and there where they weren't before. If you were at all acquainted with a certain person who was in Mayfield, you may find them familiar.

You may also feel as though someone is watching you, though the feeling soon passes...although you'll still hear a rustle of branches or the snap of a twig as whoever was probably watching you quickly makes their escape.

Then, as you go deeper in, you'll hear singing. Eventually you'll find a small figure sitting near the creek, growing more white flowers as if by magic while singing to herself.


[Action 2: Park]
[For those of you who don't like to go out into the woods, there's also a strange white wolf with green eyes roaming around the park. As odd as that may seem, it doesn't seem to be threatening.]
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[ Downtown, Midday, open to anyone in town ]

[ One of the buildings has been getting a good bit of attention. The week has seen many things attached to the roof, or added to the alley behind the building that might have been the diner. While the exterior has not been that polished, it has been cleaned and made weather-tight. ]

[ Today, there are three additions to the windows in the front of the building. ]

[ First, the largest addition has been a chalkboard sign in the window, declaring Today's Special to be Pancakes with Fruit. ]

[ Second, there is a cardboard sign requesting volunteers for additional cooks and servers, shifts negotiable. ]

[ Third, a small, neatly hand-lettered sign notes that Dr. Ilsa Higa is available for counseling. ]

[ Inside, there are only two tables for four, but plenty of space for more. However, there are ten stools at the counter. Ilsa is behind the counter, putting away clean dishes in the shelves above the grill, generally straightening up. ]

Puzzle 001

Dec. 9th, 2012 10:06 pm
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[Action 1 - Around Town]

[Luke's finally getting around to thoroughly exploring the new town. He's busy checking out what people have been building so far, and coming up with ideas of his own. He hasn't managed to find a home yet, he's been following around his family members to see where they'll get settled in.

That is, until...]

[Action 2 - Locked to Dist]

[Luke was starting to realize the problem of being in a big new place with no phone communications. He managed to lose his family members after getting distracted by his new powers, and now he's been wandering around for a few good hours trying to find them. Unfortunately, he's had no luck and it's getting dark out. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't panicked. Where was he going to stay? What would happen if he couldn't find any of his family members? There were a lot of people here after all.

He finds a seemingly unoccupied shack to stay in for the night. There's no door and barely a roof, which doesn't make him feel too secure. He uses the last of his powers to make himself a bed. 

He doesn't go to bed right away of course, choosing to sit out on the porch of his new house. He looks incredibly distressed by his situation. He didn't technically have a home yet, but that didn't mean he would really have to live here alone, would he?]

[Action 3 - Open to any "rescuers"]

[Luke and Dist are completely unaware that some rescuers might be on their way with the mistaken idea that Luke might have actually gotten kidnapped. The two of them are in Dist's house after Dist sets him up with a temporary place to stay. Right now they're both having tea while Luke explains his situation.]

...And then I got lost, and since we don't have any phones here I couldn't contact anyone, so that's what I was doing in that abandoned shack.


Dec. 6th, 2012 10:29 pm
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[Action A.]

[After a few days of settling in, Karkat will finally choose a house that approximates the location of his old house in Benny Lane relative to the rest of the town. It's kind of a crappy place; there are at least completed rooms, but it's still crawling with insects and has a dusty, stale smell inside.

But he doesn't really mind sleeping on the floor for now while he gets set up. Instead, he's used the few powers he has to decorate the exterior of the house to look more like an Alternian hive, complete with Alternian language on the mailbox spelling out his name. It's more than vanity; he hopes it will draw any and all trolls that happen to show up to seek him out.]

[Action B.]

[He's standing outside City Hall, nailing some papers to the wall.]



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Log 1

Dec. 3rd, 2012 03:23 pm
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Who: Everyone (General Log)
What: Make yourself at home.
Where: A new town
When: The first day
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When you first arrive, this unnamed town is bare and half-finished. In terms of layout, it is similar but not identical to Mayfield, with long suburban streets of houses, two areas with blocks of commercial buildings, and buildings that are recognizably a school, a church, a city hall building. In the center of it all is a park.

Unlike Mayfield, however, none of this looks like a functioning town where people live. The buildings are all in very states of being unfinished; the roads are dirt and often blocked off with rubble. There is no electricity or running water or any kind of utility; there is no food conveniently stocked in pantries and grocery stores.


There are fifteen cul-de-sac streets, each with eight housing plots on them. The houses are in various states of disrepair. Some houses are essentially a model home version of houses you lived in in Mayfield, completely empty inside except for the occasional sparse piece of furniture. Some are simply edifices, with the inside rooms still partially or completely in a state of construction. Some are missing walls or roofs. Inside, most of the houses have an electric, gas, and plumbing system installed, but none of it is connected to anything.

The houses seem to have been here a while; metal parts are rusting, some wood is decaying, and many houses have an infestation of mold or insects. The houses' lawns are completely overrun by tall weeds.

City Hall

On the outside, this is a big beautiful building, the match of the city hall building in Mayfield. Inside, it is entirely unfinished, with just wooden structures marking out the rooms, and beautiful marble floors.

The Police Station

This is also the twin of the police station in Mayfield. Inside, it has been completed, and there is even furniture installed and a small jail which has somewhat rusted. There have also been various machine parts dumped all over the ground. It's hard to tell what the parts were for, but they may be useful.


The park is laid out differently from the park in Mayfield, but it is still a large green space in the center of town. There are a few trees in the park, none of which bear fruit, but all of which look like they could bear fruit if they flowered. Like the lawns, the park has been completely overtaken by weeds. In the center of the park is a large pond, but it isn't very clean, and is covered in algae. There are some fish in the pond.


There is only one school building, and it is much smaller than the school in Mayfield. The building is finished, with about ten classrooms inside, and a small yard outside covered in weeds. In some classrooms there are a few desks and in all the classrooms are chalkboards, but beyond that, it is empty.


The hospital building is a three story building on the edge of town. It is only partially finished, missing two walls with the rooms inside in various states of construction. In the basement, there are a few sealed boxes that contain basic medical supplies -- first aid supplies, tools for surgery, anesthetic and penicillin. These supplies seem very old, use your own judgment whether they are still any good.

Rec Center

The rec center building is just a long concrete slab on the ground. There is an electric generator outside it that looks like it once could have powered a few buildings, but it is rusted and no longer working. There is a large pool dug out next to the rec center, but it is empty.

Downtown Commercial Area

There are five small structures in this area that look as though they are intended to be shops, but there is nothing inside any of them. Three have glass storefronts; two look more like dining or drinking establishments from the layout of the empty building.

In the center of this area is the very large General Store, which is full of shelves. The shelves are empty, but in the basement there are a few boxes and a large walk in refrigerator. One box contains down winter coats; the rest contain non-perishable canned food. The walk in refrigerator is somehow still freezing cold inside; it seems to have its own internal generator, but if you leave the door open too long, the temperature will dissipate. Inside the refrigerator are a few boxes full of frozen microwaveable dinners.

In the edge of this area is an abandoned one-screen movie theater and an abandoned three lane bowling alley. These buildings are completed, but there are no items aside from a few balls and an assortment of pins in the alley, and none of the electronics work.

In the center of the area is an enormous, two story building -- a library. Inside, the library building is completed, with plenty of comfortable places to sit. The shelves are full of books. On the first floor, you will find a wealth of useful reference materials, information, and an extensive collection of novels and children's books. On the second floor, the shelves are also full, but every book is blank. Your characters' can use their world-building to fill in books from their own world.

Uptown Commercial Area

This area has four bare, half completed structures of large buildings. One looks as though it could have been a four story office building, another has a large, finished (but not working) kitchen, and may have been a restaurant. Two are big, but too unfinished to have an idea what they could have been. There is also an empty post office building, and you'll find if you walk into the back of the post office, spawning new items from home becomes slightly less energy consuming, and an old stone church, which is bare inside besides ten pews, but has stained glass windows and the stonework does a good job keeping out the weather.


Outside of the developed area of town, the area is deserted and gives way to wildlife. On one side of town, near city hall, is the highway. The area around the dirt roads back to the highway is flat and grassy, but run over by weeds. Walking out along the dirt roads back to the highway will loop you around to another dirt road, leading up the cliff that overlooks the other side of town and resembles Mayfield's makeout point.

Otherwise, leaving town will lead you out into a forested area. If you try to walk away from town in this direction, you can go as far as you want. However, the farther you walk, the more you'll notice patches of wildlife that repeat, as though copy and pasted in from areas you walked through earlier. The farther out you get, the air also becomes thinner and the atmosphere becomes less "real" -- animals and plants out here will be less sustaining, plants will decay quickly if brought back to the town.


In a large bunker at the far end of town is the machine room, which houses the machine that controls the town's settings. Before sending you here, Annie locked the settings on the machine to create low power livable conditions in the town. The town is artificial, but its settings remain the same.

The climate in the town is temperate and mild. Temperatures generally hover between 40 degrees and 80 degrees year-round. There will be a few winter days when it gets cold enough for a light snowfall; there will be a few summer days when the heat approaches 90. It rains frequently in the town, particularly in the spring and fall, with light rains happening almost every night. It seldom storms. Some of you may discover that the climate is suitable for growing a broad variety of crops.

The world has native plants and animals. In the town, most of the plants are weeds, which have taken over the yards, but some of those weeds might include herbs that are safe to eat or that will be useful in medicines. Animals are small; there are a lot of rodents around, but also rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks, non-poisonous snakes and lizards, and a variety of birds. The town is sort of overrun with small wildlife and insects. There are also a few non fruit-bearing trees around the park. The pond in the park has fish in it.

On the outskirts of town, the town gives way to forest, and you'll find wildlife more suited to a forest there. Tall trees, some of which are fruit-bearing, bushes and hedges, some of which have berries growing on them, wildflowers and herbs, and, if you're unlucky, poison ivy. There are a lot more animals out here, too, and in addition to small wildlife, you'll find larger animals like deer and fox, and birds like hawks, owls, and wild turkeys. There are surprisingly few predators, but there is a bear or two lurking around. There is also a small creek with fish in it.

Unlike Mayfield, if you destroy buildings or clear resources here, they won't automatically regenerate. You can use your world-building powers to bring back things that have been destroyed, or you can tend the resources yourselves, or you can clear them and build something new.

Characters in the town will age normally, and will be medically normal for their species. The one exception: while you will be able to breed animals, characters won't be able to get pregnant. The system is unable to support creating a new sentient person from scratch.

If characters die, they will be respawned in the machine room. However, their memories will be reset to the last point they were in Mayfield, or back to their canon point if applicable. Injuries sustained will heal at a normal rate.

All characters will keep the physical regains they brought with them when they left Mayfield, and all of their intangible regains, such as those related to powers and appearance. Formerly droned characters will only have the latter, the kind of things that would be directly on their person or that are physically part of them.


Characters who made it to the end of Mayfield will find that Annie left them with something like the world-building powers Mayfield's leaders had. They can respawn damaged parts of the town, and also restore injured characters. They can change the look and layout of the town. They can bring in items from home, or create new items to furnish buildings and help the townspeople.

These powers are limited: each character can only use it five times per day. The larger the change or the more complicated the items they are spawning in, the more draining it will be, and this will mean their other five uses will have to be smaller changes. Characters will find it easier to bring in raw materials or to alter things existing in the town than to create new things from scratch. For the most part, it would not be possible to do more than repair a single room of a building or create one complicated item and a few small ones per day.

Characters who were droned or killed before the end of Mayfield and respawned in the new town will have even more limited control over their surroundings. They will not be able to create new items or change parts of the town. What they will be able to do is influence things already existing in town to take shapes similar to what they remember from home. A tree could start to bear fruit that was native to their home country; a blank book could become a book they once read. These characters can make two small changes or one large one.


All characters who were once a part of Mayfield may now come back. They will respawn in the machine room at the edge of town, and will not remember anything before their droning. Their appearance in town in not immediate; former characters will respawn over time, so it is fine to decide how long after the other characters in town arrived it took for yours to get here.

Characters who were perma-killed may be respawned, but all of their memory of Mayfield will be gone. They will be pulled directly from their canon point.

Please make sure to obey the rules when playing former characters, and only bring back those you yourself played.


This world is yours to build! If you choose, in the comments below you may mention changes your characters have made.
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A Better Place to Live is the sequel game/musebox to [community profile] mayfield_rpg, following the characters' liberation from that town.

Mayfield, which appeared to be a pleasant 1950s town ruled by a sinister little girl named Lucy, was in fact a simulation created following the nuclear apocalypse that made life outside the simulation uninhabitable. The truth is, outside the simulation exists only a wasteland, but inside, life was pleasant and uneventful.

Or that was the idea, but the creator of the simulation, Dr. Zemekis, lost his mind in attempt to control his own simulation. After a rebellion in which most of the original survivors from the wasteland were killed or brainwashed, Zemekis began to populate his town with the town with artificial lifeforms, copies made from other worlds.

With Dr. Zemekis constantly straining the simulation to bring in new personalities and disposing of old ones in an attempt to create his perfect town, the simulation he built eventually became strained and was near collapse. The few survivors of the wasteland left living, including former US President William MacCready and his son, rebelled against Zemekis and were killed. Zemekis, losing control entirely, made the decision to destroy his creation.

However, another wasteland survivor, Annie, worked with the imprisoned townspeople to escape. Even when the mysterious Mrs. Johnson took over and repaired the damaged simulation, Annie was able to help the townspeople find a way out into a new area of the simulation. Annie used her knowledge of the program to set the controls to a low power setting, allowing the new simulated town to run safely and automatically while giving the townspeople enough control to transform their town into whatever they want it to be.

Annie's last act, before remaining behind in the abandoned Mayfield, was to allow the townspeople a chance to return dropped and dead characters to their town. Now all current and former citizens of Mayfield have a fresh start.

Any character who was once played in Mayfield is welcome here! Simply join the community and start posting. Your formerly dropped characters will awaken inside a machine room with no memory of anything since their droning, but others will be able to get them up to speed.

Duplicate characters are allowed, as long as they are played by two or more players who also played them at Mayfield. Players will be able to rp the character with memories from their time at Mayfield, with someone else playing the character with a different set of memories.

Former characters should only be rped by the person who played them while they were in the game.

Characters who were never in the game are only accepted if, while Mayfield was open, they applied and had their applications accepted.


1. Golden Rule, bro. Treat others how you would like to treated, don't be a jerk, don't start wank, etc.!

2. This is an unmoderated musebox. That means you are in charge of running your own events and plots, and that the mods won't be helping run things. That does not mean you have to tolerate harassing/bullying/inappropriate behavior. If someone is doing something that really bothers you, please first ask them to stop, and if they do not or if the harassment is so bad you don't feel comfortable asking, inform the mods by private messaging the [personal profile] mayfield_mods account. If we agree that behavior is inappropriate, we will ban the player. There is zero tolerance for harassment, hate speech, and threats.

3. Any player who was banned from Mayfield is also banned from this musebox.

4. Explicit content (anything that would be above an R-rating) should be behind a cut, with a warning for content. Please use good judgment as to what is appropriate and what requires a warning, but if other players ask you to cut something or warn for something, please respect their request.

5. Even though this is an informal setting, you should still stay IC, keep in mind that OOC =/= IC and IC actions have IC consequences, and that godmoding is not cool. RP etiquette still matters!

6. You may not app from the movie The Human Centipede or any of its sequels.
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